Creation of Facebook

February 22, 2012

Scene: Mark Zuckerberg, after speaking with the Winklevoss brothers and Divya Narenda, broaches the subject of creating a networking website for Harvard students to Eduardo. He asks Eduardo for money to start the website. Mark hopes to mimic the success of Facemash, but with an even bigger incentive. He identifies the exclusivity and community of the website as being the most attractive factors for users. Also, Mark states that by creating the Facebook, he and Eduardo will be creating a community that mimics college society and which they control, as they will hold the keys to the “club.”

This scene in the film encapsulates the idea behind Facebook as a sort of virtual community that mimics real society, at first, college life. Mark equates this online community to real society through seeing one another’s pictures and personal information. Also, Mark’s insistence that by just creating an online community that has a certain amount of exclusive users, it is only natural that others will want to get onto the website as well. This illustrates an understanding of the desire in human nature to attempt to rise to certain social levels, represented her by the exclusive online community of the Facebook. Just as Mark and Eduardo want to be a part of the Phoenix club in Harvard, and are manipulated by its members in order to gain access to the privilege of being a member of this club as well as the social perks it offers, Mark points out that the Facebook will also be such a club that will cause the same type of response in other people. This is again referenced in the explanation of how the Facebook supersedes a Texas college’s own social network by allowing access to the Facebook by other colleges in the area. The use of Facebook by these other colleges than sparks a desire for the other college’s students to also use Facebook in order to be on the same social and community level as their peers.

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