February 27, 2012

“His vision crawled with ghost hieroglyphs, translucent lines of symbols arranging themselves against the neutral backdrop of the bunker wall. He looked at the backs of his hands, saw faint neon molecules crawling beneath the skin, ordered by the unknowable code. He raised his right hand and moves it experimentally. It left a faint, fading trail of strobed afterimages.
The hair stood up along his arms and at the back of his neck. He crouched there with his teeth bared and felt for the music. The pulse faded, returned, faded….” (233)

In this passage, Case and his consciousness is constructed by the artificial intelligence Neuromancer. As such, Case and Linda are both literally constructed in the cyberspace as beings of the matrix. As can be seen in the passage, Case is not only mentally in this place, but his physical body is created in the place as well, linking the worlds through both mediums. Case’s presence therein also makes him become part of the matrix in other way, such as being able to feel the other parts of the space, such as the music. Since this scene is a simulation created by neuromance, it may be that the visual imagery that Case experiences is only part of the simulation, but Case’s interactions with Linda suggests otherwise. This not only makes the simulation feel physically real, but also attests to the power of the artificial intelligence Neuromance in finding an appropriate simulation for Case and maintaining it, almost fooling him.

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