March 19, 2012

Scene: Jake is using his Avatar for the first time, which means he now has control over his legs as a Na’vi-human hybrid. After being activated, an excited Jake runs out of the compound and into Pandora without the need for an oxygen mask. He is now able to not only run, but use his senses to interact with Pandora, as can be seen through the sensation of dirt on his feet and the taste of the fruit. Although he is experiencing all this through his avatar, it is not physically experienced in his real body, but is mentally.

Jake’s interaction with Pandora extends beyond this initial experience as a Na’vi-human hybrid. At first, even this experience is quite amazing for Jake as he does not have the use of his leg in his real body, so that avatar is a welcome change for him. Once he immerses himself in the role of his avatar, a member of the Na’vi race, does he really transcend the human part of himself. As a member of the Na’vis he is able to tap into the great resource that is Eywa and draw from her not only inspiration from ancestors, but also links with other species on Pandora. The relationship between the Na’vi and the other animals on Pandora reaches a more subconscious level through their link and also a sense of responsibility towards the animals, where their killing for food is seen as a sacrifice to help the people and part of the cyclical nature of Pandora. Jake after spending time with the Na’vi is able to experience, understand, and accept this, which is manifested through his prayer to Eywa before the last battle in the film, and its answer in the aid of the other animals of Pandora.

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